More moon

An image of the full moon from a few days back.

Moon 1 low res

Clarens - Part Two

Some of  the remaining  photos of Clarens and Schaaplaats Farm . . .


Caitlin and Fred

This shoot done just over two weeks ago, of Caitlin and Fred, is just a snapshot of the story of Fred's survival  and his special bond with Caitlin. Fred was rescued from dire cirumstances last year and has had to fight to surive, he is what is know as a rescue horse. He and Caitlin have developed a special bond as she has taken ownership of him and cares for him and loves him. I am sure that under Caitlin's care he will continue to grow stronger.

Caitlin and Fred-2

Clarens - part one

It has been a number of years since we as a family have visited Clarens, it really is a scenic, beautiful part of the Free State. The sandstone mountains and vibrant colours are inspiring. So here are a few of the first images I captures from the farm Schaapplaats - angora goats and connemara ponies are bred here.


The Vermaak's

This shoot was done just over two weeks ago at Delta Park on a warm, sunny, Sunday afternoon, late. Little Emma kept me smiling as her determined and active personality came through and I hope this aspect of her is reflceted in these photos. It is always fun to work with Tim, Vanessa and Emma and a privilage to be asked more than once to take pictures of these special moments.


The dark side

. . .Well actually, the light side of the moon as seen early last week reflecting the sun on its left side.


Storm clouds

I could not resist trying to shoot the storm clouds that I could see from the car as we neared Johannesberg on our trip up from Cape Town. I shot these with my 50mm prime lense while the car was moving. I love how quickly the landscape changed.

Road trip shots low res-1

Early, New Years day at Muizenberg Beach

Down at Muizenberg beach just after 6am for New Years morning.

New years morning 2015-1

Slangkop Lighthouse, Kommetjie

Although I missed sunrise, these are some shots of the Slangkop lighthouse Kommetjie in the Western Cape.

Slangkop light house Low res-1

Noordhoek Long Beach

Some photos of Christmas eve spent on Noordhoek's Long Beach.

CT Dec 2014-2
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