Study of a monitor

This monitor was at the Hazyview, Perry's Bridge Reptile Park. I really enjoyed spending time observing his/her movements. These photos were taken in full midday sun.

monitor low-1

Newborn shoot - Gabriella

This shoot was done early August. It was a privilege to take these photos of sweet, 3 week old, Gabriella and proud, loving parents - Sarah and Jason. Gabriella was so well behaved as we disrupted some of her normal routine - I even got a few moments to snuggle her :). This was another shoot were I struggled to choose the final photos.


Another Kruger visit

Out of the blue we were offered the opportunity to visit Hazyview for a weekend and so spent another privileged day in Kruger. Here are photos from that day.

Kruger2 low-5

Further Kruger photos . . .

These are the rest of the photos from the day in Kruger. I particularly loved the photos I managed to get of the water buck, his position in the landscape and the morning light were just perfect (in my opinion). We also managed to get some relaxed time with a number of different small herds of elephants with young and elephant bulls and so there are quite a number of elephant photos that I struggled to choose from.

Kruger park-4

Birds of Kruger

These were the photos I managed to get of some of of the birds of Kruger on the single day we were there two weeks back . . . wish we were back there rather than about to survive the next cold front. Hope these make you feel warmer :).

Kruger park-5

Early morning Zebra

On an early morning visit to the Kruger Park last week, on the road to Orpen, some zebra crossed the road. This is two shots of one of them - I just love the light in these photos. 

early morning zebra-1

All boy - I Heart Faces

When shooting boys they love to play the fool and pulling a face as you take a shot is all part of that . . . 

Photo Challenge Submission

all boy-1


We have had a few interesting birds visiting the garden lately - I was shocked and without a camera to see a gymnogene (bird of prey) landing in a tree which borders our back garden, and a female thick billed weaver which we found lying stunned and twitching on the ground - we nursed her back to strength in a shoe box for about 45 minutes. These pics of ramerons are also from our garden and are in our trees early morning because they eat the berries they can find - however they dont make it very easy to get a picture of them, hiding behind leaves.

Rameron low res-1

Day in the Pilanesberg

These are shots of landscapes and wild life of the Pilanesberg which we visited on a recent Sunday. It can be a long day in a car if you are not staying over but we as a family enjoyed the time in the bush. The road sides at this time of year are edged with cosmos, pink and white flowers.


pilanesberg low res-1

I Heart Faces: black and white

Time for a monthly entry into I heart faces. This black and white choice appeals to me because of the emotion of this rider for her horse and their connection.


Chey and Saint low res-6
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